Welcome to Boorara Organics Farm

One of the best features of our regenerative farm is working with nature and turning our agriculture practices into a living ecosystem. This practice, in harmony with nature, unlocks all of the natural nutrients found in our karri sandy loam soil.

This passion for soil and natural systems ensures that our AS6000 certified organic garlic is nutrient dense and pest free.

Our diverse cover crops minimises fertiliser use and eliminates pesticides. Using cover crops activates life in the soil, plant root exudates are a substance secreted by plants and insects. When balanced they work together to stimulate, unlock and maintain our thriving microbiology.

Our fields are alive with millions of beneficial insects that keep our garlic healthy and pest free. Additionally, maximum nutrients mean maximum flavour compounds are enhanced.

If you are looking for top-quality organic produce…You will find it at Boorara Organics.